Only the accumulated know-how and painstaking craftsmanship of teams of watchmakers and specialist artisans trained in our strict work ethic can guarantee the quality of an Eterna timepiece and the dependable service you can expect over the years.

In fact, from the day the company was established, back in 1856, quality work has only been a springboard to our true goal: excellence in all things. Every single watch produced in our workshops has a distinctive personality including original technical features and an assertive design.

From the start, Swiss watchmaking was able to count on the most versatile of tools, a tool that remains to this day a key to the industry: the human hand. While it is now ably seconded by machine tools and electronic devices of every kind, the human hand reigns supreme, guaranteeing a responsible personal touch to impeccable workmanship.

Over the years, Eterna has preserved its full-fledged “manufacture” status thanks to its ability to come up with outstanding watch design.

In horological parlance, a “manufacture” is a watchmaking enterprise capable of integrally designing a timepiece and then making the tools used to turn out the major components of its movement, checking and regulating the movement before fitting it into the case and bracelet or strap. Everything under one roof, ready for use by the manufacturer’s own teams of specialists.



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